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Welcome to the brand new website dedicated to the power pop band Stonewash. The band was born in 1997 when french guys Alan L, Olivier Gangloff and german guitarist Jens Mayer decided to go the same way and play an exciting power pop music. If you're not among those who already know and appreciate Stonewash, feel free to visit this site to learn a little bit more about the band.

Try the Stonewash experience, it's gonna shake you!

What about the content?

Music is the essential thing you will find on the site. If you don't want to waste too much time by visiting all the pages, you can use the quick access sidebar on your right, by clicking on the different links. Videos and audio samples are at your disposal. Enjoy!

If you want to contact the band or the label, you can visit the contact page.

A guestbook is also available if you wish toexpress yourself or give your feelings about the band or the site.

The professionnal visitors will find different useful stuff (bio, photos,technical sheet...)